How to Fuse Plastic Trash Bags to Create a Custom Fabric

With more and more fashion designers looking to use recyclable materials in the making of their clothes it only makes sense to fuse plastic together to create new and unique textiles. Yard lengths of material can be made from fusing plastic Read More …

Coupon Scams Cramming your Phone Bill

Coupon scams that involve cramming are huge! Be very careful which websites you use to get coupons from. Recently I visited a site while looking for fast food coupons. I found a good and went to print it out. It wouldn’t print. The page acted like it was loading. Then suddenly a pop up appeared telling me that if I entered my cell phone number they would send me a text to verify I was human and then the coupon would become printable.

Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper

In my quest to free my house from the pet hair blanket I picked up this little gadget by Pledge called the Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. I was a skeptic at first because I normally keep a few sticky paper rollers around the house and I have tried and exhausted all other methods.

I could not believe how easily the Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper removed all that hair. I went around and did the whole house. Amazing. I no longer have to lay a sheet over my comforter anymore. Several times a day I do a quick swipe with the fabric sweeper and pick up any accumulated hair.

Marriage Humor, Newlywed Fights

Every marriage has fights and every marriage has fights in it that get started for near to no reasons. Newlyweds in particular are prone to fighting over the smallest things.

Part of the problem, I believe is that newlyweds are often in shock once they begin to live together as a married couple. Even if they were living together before they exchanged vows there’s some level of shock.

Let me share this newlywed fight with you as an example.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Health Warning

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a chemical compound used in the manufacturing of detergents. It is made from a combination of sulfuric acids, monododecyl ester and sodium. It is what creates the lathering, foaming effect in detergents, shampoos, toothpastes, garage floor cleaner, engine degreaser, bubble bath, acne cleanser, facial cream, hemmorhoid cream, contact cleaner, insect