How to Get Rid of Cat Dander

How to get rid of cat dander is an age old mystery.  The short answer is there is no way to get rid of cat dander; but you can control it. Cat dander allergies are not the result of  cat hair or by dead skin flakes, not entirely at least.  Cat dander is what happens when the cat grooms itself and its saliva soaks the dead skin cells leaving a sticky residue on the hair.  Dander is so potent it can pollute everything within 50 miles of open space.  Use the following methods to help control cat dander in your house thus alleviating cat dander allergies.

Oatmeal baths. Since dead skin cells one part of the equation, it is best to treat this condition first. Give the cat an Oatmeal bath once a week to exfoliate dead skin and keep the coat’s natural oils from trapping dead skin. Oatmeal also soothes itchiness and burning, so your cat won’t lick and scratch as often which is an important factor in controlling dander.

Dander Wipes. Use dander wipes every day to control the cat dander.  Allerpet – a popular brand – can be found in any pet store for as little as $5. Wipes remove dander from the cat’s fur. A cheaper alternative is to use a paper towel dampened with cat shampoo and water.  Rubber gloves and hand washing afterwards is recommended by dermatologists.

Feed Wet Food. Dry food provides no hydration. Cats that don’t get enough liquid develop skin problems. Water is an important ingredient in wet food and provides the proper moisture a cat’s skin needs. Be sure to provide plenty of water throughout the day, moreso during the spring and summer when heat encourages dander.

Shave the cat. A good old-fashioned grooming session — complete with shaving — isn’t such a bad idea.  It isn’t as shocking and cruel to shave a cat as it sounds.  Dermatologist’s say that it is in fact common, particularly with long-haired cats, for the sole purpose of preventing and controlling dander. However, it is not a good idea to attempt to shave a cat without a professional groomer because they can seriously injure you or you can injure them.  Shaving a cat does make its skin vulnerable to sunburn though and will need sunblock.

Launder the Bedding. It is not uncommon for pet owners to worry that their cat won’t recognize their own bedding if it gets washed.  Dermatologist disagree and highly recommend laundering a cat’s bedding in extremely hot soapy water every other day.

Steam cleaning. Furniture and carpet require the same hot, hot water and soap that a cat’s bedding does to remove floating cat dander. Vacuuming daily does help to remove some dander but it does not get rid of it completely.Steam cleaning is recommended every couple of months.

Visit the vet. The comes a time when cat dander is beyond a pet owner’s abilities.  When the dander reaches a level where it can not be cleaned then it is time for a trip to the veterinarian to rule out any other illnesses that may be contributing to the dander.  Sometimes a vet will suggest medication.

Cat dander allergies does not have to be the end of cat ownership.  These simiple tips will have you loving a kitty cat in no time!

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3 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Cat Dander

  1. pk I actually consulted with a local vet and with a groomer who both assured me it is quite common to shave a cat. You are not getting rid of all of the fur. Your cat will still have plenty of fur. All you are doing is shortening the hairs. There are certain things you need to know about cats before having them shaved such as the fact that they have whiskers on the back of their legs but that is why it is recommended that a professional groomer do the shaving.

  2. Never ever shave your cat. Ask your vet. Cat’s have fur for a REASON. Give the cat to someone who will care for the cat more than their furniture. If someone is allergic either have them take meds or again give the cat to someone who can care for it and love it as it is.

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