Invasion of Maggots in my Kitchen

Maggots were everywhere!  I mean every stinking where!  Ewww.  I have the eebie jeebies and the willies.  I’m wigged out, grossed out, freaking out and flipped out.  I have maggots in my kitchen.

Well not anymore but I did this afternoon.  I was sitting here blogging about my daughter’s fire hazard of a room, trying to get the images aligned correctly and watching the clock.  It was getting late and I needed to go grocery shopping before I picked up afore mentioned filthy teen daughter.   So I shut down the laptop, took a shower and went on my merry way.

A few hours later, when I returned it looked like someone had dumped a box of rice on the floor.  Wondering what on earth the dogs could have gotten into I asked my daughter to sweep the floor.

A few minutes later her best friend came to me and said, “I think you need to come here.  I think you have worms.”

Startled I followed behind her and after taking a good look at what I thought was rice I realized it was maggots.  I looked around and this time I noticed they were in my dining room, kitchen and entry way.  A few unsavory curse words were uttered….

What followed was not pretty.  I screeched and eewwwed and ran around trying to shoo them into some sort of pile so I could pick them up.  That didn’t work out so well.  Never fear though, my plight was not in peril.  With dust buster in hand I started sucking the little buggers up.

Emptying the dust buster was a whole other disgusting experience in itself.

Once I managed to get them sucked up it dawned on me that there were more.  LOTS more.   The maggots were coming out of a small opening between the floorboard and flooring right behind my trash can.

Thinking it was something in the trash I started to empty the can only to find the inside of the can and the outside of the bag were covered in maggots.  Did I say ewwwwww?

Bug spray I thought!  I looked under the sink.  Damn! The only thing I had on hand was an old can of Insect Repellant from last year’s camping trip.  Should work, right?  It says, “backwoods” on it.  What’s more backwoods than maggots?

Didn’t work.  They just ran faster out of that little opening.  I never knew maggots could survive being completely coated in insect repellant.

I’ll tell you what did work.  Malathion.  I probably should have diluted it and followed the instructions but there was no time for any of that.  Regardless of the recommendation to dilute this tiny bottle to 48 gallons of spray I poured it directly on the opening.

They didn’t die at first.  It took a couple of dousings.  But I don’t have anymore maggots in my kitchen.  I hope.

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2 thoughts on “Invasion of Maggots in my Kitchen

  1. Hi Jennifer! Trust when I tell you that you are not alone. more people get maggots than will admit it. they are gross and nasty but not rare. I hope it’s easier for you to get rid of them than it was for me. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

  2. I thought I was the only one, and was embarrassed to google it. But I found you, and lo and behold Im not the only one with this problem. Ill give some of your methods a go. Thanks.

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