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Good god could my dogs loose any more hair?!  Sydney, our classic black and white, fluffy border collie sheds enough hair to make wigs for 4 people a month and Berkley our retriever/basset hound mix has a beautiful, long, silky coat that bursts free of his skin every time he moves.  Don’t get me started on our shorthair cat that I thought wasn’t supposed to shed.

In my quest to free my house from the pet hair blanket I picked up this little gadget by Pledge called the Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair.  I was a skeptic at first because I normally keep a few sticky paper rollers around the house and I have tried and exhausted all other methods.

The Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper surprised me.  It may not have gotten 100% of the hair off of my comforter but it did get about 99%.  Usually I vaccum my floor, spread the comforter on the floor, vaccum one side, re-vaccum the floor, flip comforter and vaccum again.  Then I run a sticky paper roller over both sides.  Once my bed is made I cover it with a sheet big enough to completely cover the comforter.  AND it still doesn’t work.

Did you know dog hair can get into your mattress by poking through the fibers?  Same works for dirt.  I always end up with dirt in my bed.  Its forced me to run a dust buster over my bed every night before I crawl in it.

I could not believe how easily the Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper removed all that hair.  I went around and did the whole house.  Amazing.   I no longer have to lay a sheet over my comforter anymore.  Several times a day I do a quick swipe with the fabric sweeper and pick up any accumulated hair.

I have only one problem with this pet hair removal device.  When the container filled up with hair I figured I could open it somehow and empty it.  Sure enough, the rollers on the bottom pop out.  That’s when it happened.

My joy turned sour.  After putting the rollers back in it stopped picking up as much hair.  At first I thought maybe I put the rollers in upside down and so I switched them.  It still didn’t work.  Now my Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper only picks up about 50% of the hair.

The good news is that it only cost me 5 bucks and it lasted a couple of months.  I can go get another.

I’d give this product a nice review.  It could be improved but so far it worked better than anything else I’ve tried.  I’m looking at the Fur-Zoff product and may just try it to see if it’s better than Pledge’s.

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2 thoughts on “Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper

  1. I love these things! But yah, you’re not really supposed to empty and reuse them, you’re just supposed to throw them away, that way you don’t get a mess when you try and empty them. I really like your blog by the way!

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