Art Created By Me

I separated my artwork into galleries.  For now there’s only 3 categories.  Enjoy.

Ice Princess

This is a collection of my artwork.  It spans several years and you can see how my art has changed and grown with time and practice. I use several programs to create just one image. My go-to programs are Photoshop, Poser Pro and Bryce 3D and I have dabbled in Eon Vue.  {Click Here to Enter the Gallery}

Blood Battles

This is a collection of various webpage graphics, webpage layouts, magazine pages,  banners, logos, badges  and such that I’ve put together over the years.  I have probably created a couple hundred web graphics but. Unfortunately I hate going through backup CDs to find things so this is a fairly small sampling but they were the quickest to find.  They are fun though to look back through though so please enjoy.  {Click Here to Enter the Gallery}


Leukemia awarenessI created a series of images for a leukemia fundraiser for a dear friend that was diagnosed with leukemia.  The images are free use for anyone that needs an image to use for fundraising purposes.  As long as the copyright remains in place I don’t care if you print the images and sell them, put the images on shirts or use them to create puzzles for sale.  Just leave my name on the artwork. {Click Here to Enter the Gallery}

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