How to Fuse Plastic Trash Bags to Create a Custom Fabric

With more and more fashion designers looking to use recyclable materials in the making of their clothes it only makes sense to fuse plastic together to create new and unique textiles. Yard lengths of material can be made from fusing plastic Read More …

Trash Bag Dress Project Update #3

Here’s another update on my Trash Bag Dress Project. I spent hours and hours hand making all the flowers I’m putting around the waistband of the dress. It took a little experimenting with the plastic to achieve the look I wanted for the flowers but they are so adorable I love them.

Trash Bag Dress Project Update #2

The Trash Bag Dress is coming along really well, especially considering I’m not using a pattern. I have some alterations left to do to the bodice, some final touches and of course I still have the dress’s accessories to make. Here’s some photos of how the dress is looking as of right now.

Cheapest Places to Buy Birthday Party Supplies for a Rave Party

My daughter’s rave birthday party was a huge success thanks to several reliable and reasonably priced online merchants. I found some of the cheapest places to buy my birthday party supplies that I just have to share. Trust me if it flashed, blinked and was a glow in the dark product, chances are I had it at this party. Check out these merchants when you start buying your rave party supplies.