Marriage Humor, Newlywed Fights

Every marriage has fights and every marriage has fights in it that get started for near to no reasons.  Newlyweds  in particular are prone to fighting over the smallest things.

Part of the problem, I believe is that newlyweds are often in shock once they begin to live together as a married couple.  Even if they were living together before they exchanged vows there’s some level of shock.

Let me share this newlywed fight with you as an example.

My oldest daughter was married in  April of this year.   Her and her fiance had been living with his single mother for almost a year before the wedding.   A couple of months after the wedding they finally scored a home of their own.  Nothing fancy, but perfect for the 2 of them.

One day, about 3 weeks after they moved in I received a phone call from my daughter.  I answered the phone, “Hello.”

All I heard on the other end was “Oh. My God!  I get it!  I so frickin’ get it!”

I recognize my daughter’s voice and I’m trying to figure out what exactly she was getting.   Did we tell her a joke 5 years ago that she’s just now getting?  Who knows, it’s hard to say with her.  She’s a tad bit on the ditzy, dingy side.

She carries on, “Now I know why you get so mad at Dad.”

I calmly reply, “You do?”

She then informs me that for the first time in her 21 years she was attempting to be domestic.  She had been cleaning and cooking (quick, run, hide!) for hours on end.   Just the day before she made 2 batches of cookies.  One batch for her husband and one batch for her.  They don’t like the same kind of cookies.

First he gets irritated with her because she puts her cookies in the fridge.  He told her they’d get too hard.  She told him not to worry about it because those were her cookies and his were in a baggie on the counter.  Argument diffused.

The next day my daughter did her chores and ran some errands.  When she got home she decided to have a cookie.  Upon looking in the refridgerator she finds her cookies are gone.

Instantly she calls her new husband at work and asks, “Have you seen my cookies?”

To which he replies, “Yea I ate them. ”

To which she replies, “I hope you enjoyed my cookies.”

She was so angry on the phone, giving me vivid details about this incident.  She couldn’t understand why he would eat her cookies instead of his.  All I could do was laugh as she continued on telling me how he could assemble a barbecue grill but couldn’t stain her bureau for her and on and on.  Even though they had been living together (with his mother) my daughter was learning new things about her new husband and she wasn’t sure she liked all of them.

Finally I interrupted her and asked, “I bet he asks you where his socks are in the morning too, doesn’t he?”

She was stunned and said, “how did you know that?”

I laughed, “I’m married too.”

She told me later that she dumped his cookies in the trash and picked a fight with him over it later that night.  Then ended up kissing and making up.

So what’s your funny newlwed fight story?  Do you remember young love?  Tell us about it.

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