Cheapest Places to Buy Birthday Party Supplies for a Rave Party

My daughter’s rave birthday party was a huge success thanks to several reliable and reasonably priced online merchants. I found some of the cheapest places to buy my birthday party supplies that I just have to share. Trust me if it flashed, blinked and was a glow in the dark product, chances are I had it at this party. Check out these merchants when you start buying your rave party supplies.

How to Potty Train your Child Using an Alarm Clock

Way back when Moses was parting the Red Sea I was potty train my oldest child. After using M&M candies to bribe her and washing out I-don’t-know- how-many pairs of poopy panties I had a lightbulb moment. I figured out how to potty train my daughter with an alarm clock. It worked like a charm and it became the tried and true method of potty training with my other children. Here’s how it works.

When Did High School Become a P0rn Convention?

Yeah I know high school has changed since I was a teenager some zillion years ago (according to my son, harumph!) BUT…

I don’t remember the kids at school wearing so little. Okay, I don’t remember the girls wearing so little I should say.

A couple of weeks ago I escorted my youngest ankle biter to her high school roundup to get her class schedule, books and locker. I thought I was hip. My kid’s friends tell me I’m the cool, young mom. Now however, I’m afraid to admit I might not be as cool as they think I am; not after seeing the current generation of teenage girls anyway.

Spanking Didn’t Kill Me. Is Spanking a Positive Parenting Strategy?

I came across an article recently about alternatives to spanking at the positive parenting website and as soon as I read the title I was flooded with memories of spankings received

When I was growing up my parents believed in whoopin’s. I never even knew it was called spanking until I was in my teens. I remember back when I was about 10 or so getting my butt whooped while on vacation back east.

My mother had the knack for tearing up my backside, as she called it. She could find the skinniest, flimsiest tree branch and strip the bark and leaves in mere seconds. I learned from her that there is technique in