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I don’t know about your teen but my teen has had a phone permanently implanted into her hand.  She doens’t “talk” on the phone, she texts.  There’s a rule in my house that if you delete your messages and I find out about it the phone gets shut off forever.  All cell phones are turned into me before bed.  I consistently read text messages and I”m on the look out for anything suspicious.

If you are checking your teen’s text messages and aren’t up to date on the texting lingo then you better get a clue.  Here’s a few common texting codes teens use.

There are more but these should get you started.

KPC = Keeping parents clueless

IGHT = I got high tonight

GNOC = Get naked on camera

LMFR = Let’s meet for real

MOS = Mom over shoulder

MPFB = My personal F**k buddy

P911 = Parent alert

1174 = Nude club

DUM = Do you masturbate

Banana = Penis

K4Y = Kiss for you

NIFOC = Nude in front of computer

PIR = Parent in room

RUH = Are you horny

RU/18 = Are you over 18

143 = I love you

8 = oral sex

You can find a complete list of texting anacronyms at Net Lingo

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3 thoughts on “Teen Texting Codes

  1. I’m a 16 year old kid and really? I’ve NEVER heard of any of these. This is ridiculous, did you really just make up a bunch of dirty acronyms and claim that teenagers use these? ….
    I edited this message because it became disrespectful. I value even the comments of 16 year old kids and I would have published your entire comment had you not been immature and disrespectful.

    Even though you haven’t heard of some of these doesn’t mean they aren’t being used. This post is not to say that all teenagers are using all of these codes what it does is give parents a list of texts that DO exist so that if they see them on their child’s phone they know what it means. –

    Suburban Wife.

  2. can i just point out, i’m a teenager, I’ve never heard any of those being used ever. stop being such protective parents and give your kids some privacy. if they’re nearly adults then treat them like it, if you don’t trust your kid he/she won’t trust you back. if you don’t treat them like adults they won’t learn the responsibilities of adults and will therefore not be able to fend for themselves in the real world without over protective mothers over their shoulders, as nice as that may seem to be needed by your kids it isn’t helping their social skills in any way shape or form. all i can see this blog doing is scaring parents into thinking that children/teenagers are having underage sex, drugs or drinking which isn’t a good thing for the parents to think as it will raise trust issues in families and in some cases tear them appart. for want of a better phrase this is “pointless and wrong propaganda”. thankyou, a real teenager.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Sometime ago I checked out all of the teenage texting codes to make sure I was in the know. I’ll put a link on my Facebook page to your blog entry to let my friend w/teens know about this too!

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