When Poop Becomes a Travel Issue. Poor (Constipated) Baby

A constipated baby is no fun to travel with. I know.  I did it.  My son was 1 month old when I decided to fly back east at which time his bowels got so locked up he screamed constantly.   I was a mother twice over so I had some tricks up my sleeve.

Sitting around my aunt’s house I tried everything I knew to help my little guy.  I massaged his tummy, scrunched his legs up against his chest so maybe he’d pass some gas and gave him warm apple juice mixed with formula.  None of this had any effect on his constipation.

Out of desperation I switched to giving him bottled water rather than tap water and immediately noticed a difference.   But he wasn’t cured completely.

It wasn’t until my last day of vacation that I gave him a suppository which didn’t take long to kick in.  During his first diaper change he let go with such fury that poop skipped across the bed I had him laid on and hit, splat, on his sister’s shoulder who was standing at my side.  I still laugh about it.   She was horrified.

The next time you are planning on traveling with a baby remember to keep bottled water on hand because a switch in water can cause your bundle of joy to get really freaking cranky!

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