When Did High School Become a P0rn Convention?

Yeah I know high school has changed since I was a teenager some zillion years ago (according to my son, harumph!) BUT…

I don’t remember the kids at school wearing so little.  Okay, I don’t remember the girls wearing so little I should say.

A couple of weeks ago I escorted my youngest ankle biter to her high school roundup to get her class schedule, books and locker.  I thought I was hip.   My kid’s friends tell me I’m the cool, young mom.  Now however,  I’m afraid to admit I might not be as cool as they think I am; not after seeing the current generation of teenage girls anyway.

While we were standing in one line of eternity after another I noticed that most of the girls were wearing teeny tiny mini skirts with their butts hanging out or booty shorts.  Boobs were falling out of spaghetti strap tank tops and there were bare belly buttons everywhere.  It is no wonder there are so many boys flunking high school now days – they can’t concentrate because they are walking around with boners all day long.  This high school reminded me of a p0rn convention.

As if all this bare skin wasn’t enough, I happened to be in line in the attendance office when some teenage dude walked in and was instantly confronted by administration.  The conversation went something like this:

Administration: “You need to step into the administrator’s office and take a seat sir.”

Teenage boy:  “Why?”

Administration: “Your shirt is inappropriate.”

Teenage Boy:  “Can I just take it off?”

Administration: “Sure.  You can take it off, give it to me and pick it up after school.”

Teenage Boy: “Give it to you?  Why do I haf ta give it to you?”

Administration: “Because I don’t want you putting it back on.  You can either give me your shirt or take a seat in the administrator’s office.”

While this sounds like good old fashioned discipline it was in fact a double standard.  The shirt the kid had on was nothing more than a huge shirt with some wierd pictures on it.  Nothing offensive.

I’ve noticed a trend where boys are getting pulled into the office for inappropriate shirts but it’s perfectly fine for the girls to run around half nekkid.

I fear high school has become nothing other than a slut factory.  ‘Tis a cryin’ shame!

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