Cheapest Places to Buy Birthday Party Supplies for a Rave Party

My daughter’s rave birthday party was a huge success thanks to several reliable and reasonably priced online merchants.  I found some of the cheapest places to buy my birthday party supplies that I just have to share.  Trust me if it flashed, blinked and was a glow in the dark product, chances are I  had it at this party.  Check out these merchants when you start buying your rave party supplies.

Glow Stick Man – The first place I started looking for rave stuff was on eBay and while I didn’t find as much as I thought I would I did discover the Glow Stick Man.  He has got to be one of the best sellers on eBay.  Not only are his prices good but his customer service is phenomenal!  He even threw in a little extra something when he didn’t have to.  I purchased 2 dozen koosh flashing rings from him and I ended up receiving 36 rings for $18.50.

Glow Sticks – In the past I’ve ordered my glow stucks from Glow Stick Kids because I order 1000 every summer for our annual family camping trip.  I decided to go with another seller for my daughter’s rave because Glow Stick Kids raised their prices.  This time around I purchased 700 glow sticks for $40.41 from Glow Stick USA.

*A note about Glow Stick USA – It was the free shipping that caught my eye.  I was a little leery of buying from this seller at first because the contact information on their website it somewhat inconsistent and there was no other option for shipping besides ground shipping.

I placed my order a bit later than I should have and wanted to pay extra for faster shipping but I was never able to reach anyone from Glow Stick USA through either of the contact numbers listed on their site.  To be honest it worried me especially when my order didn’t ship until 4 days after my payment processed and there was no tracking information.

To  give credit where credit is due, I did receive the 700 glow sticks – just 2 days after the party.  Bummer.  Had they been shipped the next day or had I been able to reach them by phone they would have been here on time.

Glow Source is another really good place to shop for rave birthday party supplies.  I purchased 50 glow cup collars, 100 shortie glow sticks and 3 packages of glow cutlery for $57.  It was a little steep but the glow cup collars are reusable and well worth the price.

S&S Worldwide – I was pretty surprised by the amount of glow stuff that S&S carries.  Their prices aren’t half bad and they offer free shipping.  I ended up buying 36 glow in the dark mardi gras beads from them.

Wisbitcat – This is an ebay seller that has pretty good prices on flashing balloons.    This seller has them for $12.75 while Windy City sells the same item for $14.00.  Not including shipping.

Gloworks – This place is awesome.  They have incredible deals.  For $56 and some change I purchased 36 multicolored flashing mouth pieces (which sold for $4.99 a piece at the Spirit Store), 36 flashing sunglasses and 100 purple glow bracelets and 50 lanyards.  I could have easily bought more products at this site because the deals are that good.

Musician’s Friend – When it comes to a rave party you gotta have a light show or 5.  I purchased the Chauvet Double Derby from Musician’s Friend, with free shipping for $56.00.  They have since discontinued this item but you can still find it fairely cheap on ebay or at Cheap DJ Gear.

Spirit Store – for backlights and discount light shows this is the best place to get them, the day after Halloween that is.  Don’t even bother shopping there any other time because everything they sell can be found cheaper online.

Last but not least, Baskin and Robbins.  They have really cool icing that glows under a blacklight.  If you don’t have a blacklight they have some neat neon icing that comes pretty close to glowing.  The cake maker did a free hand design for my daughter’s cake and it didn’t cost me anything extra.

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  2. Thanks everyone for pitching in links to glow stuff. I love the resources pooled in this post. And also, thanks for reading my measly little blog. 🙂

  3. Have you tried ? They some pretty awesome stuff too. They offer black LED rave gloves that are pretty awesome, and have lots of cups that light up! I would def. check them out.. they also have EL shirts (shirts that light up to music), and beer bongs if your audience was of age ;).

    Happy partying!

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