Parmesan Bow Tie Pasta

My family loves this dish and best of all I love how easy and cheap it is. I’m not sure why but even though this recipe germinated in my brain for quite some time I didn’t actually start feeding it to my family until 2 years after I came up with it.

If you’d like a healthier version of this dish try using whole grain bow tie pasta as an alternative.

Easy Fried Rice Recipe

Funny Story about my rice – when I was a kid I hated the stuff. There wasn’t enough money in the world for me to eat rice. To my youthful mind it looked like maggots and there was no way in hell I was putting that in my mouth.

I was in my early twenties when I first sampled this fine cuisine and lo and behold I loved it. Ok well I loved it because it had bacon in it and if there’s one thing I DO love it’s bacon.

Eventually after much experimentation I came up with a rice concotion that I enjoy and my family enjoys. In fact my family loves this recipe so much that I can’t keep it as leftovers in my fridge.