V is for Vampirism…Bet You Didn’t Know That!

vampireI’m an advocate of the Real Vampire Community.  I have been for years.  Some might call this my dirty little secret but it’s not, I just chose not to mix interests is all.   I’ve spent a long time educating others about real vampirism, what it is, who “they” are and the difference between RPGers and the real deal.  I own one of the few remaining internet communities for real vampires both sanguine and psi.

So as you can see my V topic is about Vampires.   There’s a whole hell of a lot I could tell you- fill your dreams with nightmares – but I’ll just jot down a few basics and anything else you’re curious about or want to point out, we can talk about later.

What is a Real Vampire? – In layman terms – A real vampire is a person born with a need to consume energy.

What does that mean? There are 2 types of energy a vampire needs to be healthy.  1. physical energy which comes from energy in the blood and 2. psychic/emotional energy which comes from our individual psyche.  Most people are born with the ability to generate and sustain both types of energy on their own.  Vampires are lacking one or both of these types of energy and the longer they go without the more suseptable they are to headaches, depression, moodiness and a general overall feeling of being run down or sick.

2 types of energy? Yes.  The energy found in blood is the one we are all most familiar with.  It is the life force of humans.  It is what keeps us alive.  Without it we die.  In the 1800’s a disease called Porphyria was thought to be the cause of vampirism and while porphyria is a real disease there are so few people suffering from it that it’s hard to say today’s vampires are a result of the disease.  To treat porphyria victims were ordered to consume blood.  The idea was to replace the bad blood with new good blood.  The concept isn’t too far off.  The only problem is that the vampire isn’t in need of the liquid but rather what that liquid  has in it – energy.

The other type of energy is psychic energy or emotional energy; it is sometimes also referred to as mental energy.  This type of energy is easier to obtain any time there is a crowd or gathering of people.  It is as simple as provoking someone in to feeling something.  Entertainers are often heard talking about “feeding off the crowd’s energy” and that is the same type of energy psi/psy vampires need.  Everyone has come across this type of vampire.  They are the type of person to push your buttons, make you mad/sad/glad until you feel drained and exhausted.   These types of people are hard to live with because every encounter is an emotional confrontation.  If this happens one time too many the victim can become so run down hospitalization is needed.

Are Real Vampires immortal? Absolutely not.  They also don’t think they’re immortal nor do they believe they can turn into bats or have special powers.  Anything you’ve ever seen in movies or read in a book is exactly the opposite of Real Vampires.

Are Real Vampires satanic or psycho? No.  You’d be surprised to find there are plenty of Real Vampires filling the pews of churches across the country every Sunday morning.  Satanism has nothing to do with Vampirism.  In fact vampirism has nothing to do with religion of any kind.

As for the psychos, there are some lunatics out there that call themselves Real Vampires but that doesn’t mean all vampires are psychotic crazies.    Just like there are psychos in the mainstream and that doesn’t mean everyone is a psycho.    People that use vampirism as a guise to harm others are not vampires they are suffering from some sort of mental illness.  (thanks Jonathan for pointing out my lack of clarification on this issue)

How do Vampires get their blood if everything we saw on TV and read in a book is fake? Real Vampires obtain blood from a willing donor.  Sometimes it is with great ceremony and other times it is an interlude between intimate aquaintences.  Due to the amount of trust required in such situations it is not uncommon for the vampire and donor to enter into a long term relationship.  The actual bloodletting is usually done with a scalpel or surgical blade.  Precautions are taken to ensure no one is in danger and that everyone is safe.  While fangs are a fun aesthetic they aren’t typically used to break the skin due to the unsanitary effect and potential for infections.

What about blood born diseases? – There is always a risk of Aids, HIV, Syphillus etc which is a part of the reason why donor and vampire relationships are commonplace.  It is also common to see vampire and donor share test results for blood born diseases.

What’s a Real Vampire advocate?  There is a small handful of people that are not vampires and don’t claim to be vampires but are infatuated by and passionate about real vampirism.  I am one of those people.  I will always have an affinity for real vampirism and there is nothing you can say that will make me stop believing there are people who need other people’s energy to live.

In a nutshell, Real Vampires are not the guy in white face make-up stalking your cat at midnight.  Real Vampires are the mailman living next door that buys his kid’s milk at the same supermarket you get your daughter’s pampers from.  The Vampire sub-culture is full of wannabes.  They provide the perfect cover.  While people are laughing and pointing fingers are the idiots in black trench coats the Real Vampires are living what some would call bizarre secret lives that the average Joe couldn’t fathom.

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