U is For Underwear is Fun to Wear When You Wear Underoos!

underoosUnderwear is fun to wear when you wear Underoos!  I remember the tune to that song like it was permanently etched into my subconscious.  I also remember liking the batman Underoos better than the stupid ol’ Wonder Woman Underoos.  I guess it just goes to show I like black and simple in my clothing aesthetic even as a little kid. Lol

Underoos aired their first commercial in 1979 and at some point in the ‘80’s went out of style.  Recently they’ve been put back on the market.  Under the Underoos name anyway.

Superhero undies have been around as long as Superheros have been decorating lunch boxes and cereal boxes.

My son was and is still in love with superheros and I remember his first pair of superhero skivvies.  Batman.  Go fig.  He still collects Batman t-shirts and I bet if nobody poked fun of him AND he liked tighty-whitey styled undies he’d still wear them.

If memory serves I seem to recall the Superman Underoos coming with a red cape which reminds me of my son leaping around the living room in his Batman shirt and undies with a red bath towel tied around his neck.  Until I bought some fabric and sewed him a couple of real capes…then he transformed into Pajama Sam.  Now why didn’t they ever come up with Pajama Sam Underoos?

While I have fond memories of my once-young son in his drawers I also have fond memories of my girls in their cute little princess panties and panties with days of the week on them.

Isn’t it funny how our underwear are a direct correlation to our personality?  Underwear REALLY is fun to wear when you wear Underoos!  Who knew?

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4 thoughts on “U is For Underwear is Fun to Wear When You Wear Underoos!

  1. Hey, I can get into your blog again. The last time I tried, it was 404’d. Now I can see what you’ve written about Torani Irish Cream syrup.

    I bought Underoos for my son a few times, I think He Man, but he never really got into them. He more wanted tightie whities like his dad and then changed to boxers when he became a teenager. I know I didn’t buy them for my daughter, so I don’t even know if they had them for girls. She was Little Miss Dainty Pants. It had to be girly. She refused to wear jeans until middle school, so I’m sure Underoos wouldn’t have made the grade for her! LOL

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