W stands for What do you want?

whatWhat do you want?  What do I want? What we all want is pretty much the same I think and I don’t think we all want love or to be loved.  No, I think we all want to be remembered.  We want there to be some sort of reason for us to exist in this universe; for there to be a purpose.

Each one of wants that in a different way, I’m sure.  For some people all they want is for their children and grandchildren to know who they were.  Some people dedicate their whole lives to making others aware of what’s important to them.  The bottom line is the same, none of us want to finish our lives without making our mark on the universe.  We all think it would be terrible for the world to go on as if we never existed the moment after we die.  Truth be told though, outside of our immediate friends and family, the world does go on a moment after we die.

The planets still rotate, the grass still grows, the wind still blows and civilization keeps marching.  A split second after we die it is as if we never existed.  Other than our loved ones nothing is changed without our presence.  Even the most famous people in  the world can’t make a big enough difference for existence to come to a screeching halt.

Regardless of the number of people that knew you were alive, despite the number of laws you got changed, the causes you fought for, the research you funded, the bake sales you baked for, the charities you jogged for, politics you protested, the babies you saved or the lives you touched; life goes on.  It is as simple as that.

So…what do YOU want?

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