M is for McDonald’s McWedding Packages

mcdonalds“I’d like a cheeseburger and fries.”

“Ok that’ll be 4.99”

“Oh, wait, I also need a wedding package for  100 people.  Cake included.”

“Ok, your total comes to $1,280.  Please pull up to the first window.”

LMAO!  Can you imagine?  I dunno, I just can’t get past the cheesiness of it but I guess there’s a wedding for everyone.  Even Ronald McDonald.

In January McDonald’s started offering wedding packages in Hong Kong.  For $1,282 you can get invitations with golden arches on them, wedding gifts, decorations featuring Ronald and Hamburgerlar and a cake made out of stacked apple pies.  Toasts are made with sundaes and shakes and enough food to feed your guests.  For a little extra you can even rent a gown.

I get wanting your wedding to take place in a McDonald’s restaraunt, (maybe that’s where you met and fell in love) but I just don’t get wanting all the Mickey D’s accouterments.  But maybe that’s just me.    The NY Times reported on the situation and they found a couple who purchased a McDonald’s wedding package. Go fig!

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11 thoughts on “M is for McDonald’s McWedding Packages

  1. I think for younger people who want a “fun” wedding, this would be an affordable wedding to have (compared to the tens of thousands spent on some!) Overseas, it’s the perfect iconic symbolic American wedding!

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    The Frustrated Foodie

  2. I just can’t imagine having a wedding at McDonalds. I know people have weddings and get restaurants to cater in, and that’s fine, but hamburgers! That’s just too trashy for me.

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