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Welcome to yet another edition of the Suburban Wife Life blog carnival roundup. I so love these. They are loads of fun and a great way to find other bloggers. Check out these posts!

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Musical Accord (Spoof Contract) posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Autumn Beck presents 3 ways to ward off cloth diaper frustration posted at All About Cloth Diapers, saying, “Simplicity. Not only in regards to cloth diapers but in all of life. I limit out-of-the-house activities to a bare minimum.”

Steve Cowley presents Healthy Chocolate Turns My Son Into 10 Year Old Maths Genius! posted at Chocolate Kids, saying, “This posting explores the ability of healthy chocolate to help children with their school work.”

Autumn Beck presents Little Bear Bums Review and Giveaway! posted at All About Cloth Diapers, saying, “Almost a month ago I received a very well dressed set of cloth diapers in the mail. What do I mean by well-dressed? The cloth diapers came wrapped in tissue paper and tied up with string and a nice note alongside. It means so much when a wahm goes the extra step.”

Autumn Beck presents Where Do You Buy Interlock and Knit Wool? posted at All About Cloth Diapers, saying, “For most of you cold weather has arrived! I’m shocked at the number of Facebook status updates I see that exclaim “SNOW!”. How crazy is that when I’m enjoying the nice 80 degree weather??”

Matthew Paulson presents Consumer Confusion Spikes Over Gift Cards posted at American Consumer News.

Autumn Beck presents New to Cloth Diapers? Part 1 posted at All About Cloth Diapers, saying, “I remember how overwhelming it was when I first began cloth diapering. There were so many choices (and SO many more now!) and I had no idea where to start.”

Kerry Fletcher presents How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Professional Designer posted at Interior Design Info.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Fraidy-Cat Republicans posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Autumn Beck presents New to Cloth Diapers Part 2 posted at All About Cloth Diapers, saying, “In Part 1, I explained to you the different cloth diaper systems. In Part 2, I will show you the different cloth diaper covers available.

We’ve all heard of “plastic pants”. Plastic pants are made of”

Wren Caulfield presents The fence that makes good neighbors needs a gate to make good friends posted at True Adventures in Money Hacking.

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  1. To be honest, when I think of cloth diepars, I think of the rectangular piece of thick cotton that my mom used to dust and the huge diaper pins that I used to play with. It seems as though cloth diepars may have evolved? Thanks for writing that. I had to read it, just to see WHY you did that.

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