G is for Gardening – I’m Planting My Garden, What About You?

gardenIt’s planting season again.  Which also means I’ll be battling those damn garden snails again.  Oh well, there’s always crushed sand and copper pennies I’ve discovered.

I can’t wait to plant this years garden.   We’ve planted our garden in the same soil for the last few years so this year I”m going to replenish my soil by digging down a bit and spreading some new, fresh soil with fertalizer and insecticide.  I’ve decided as much as I like to be totally organic in my garden, in the long room if I want to actually eat what I grow I need some sort of pesticide and I can’t get the holistic versions to work for me.  Se la vie!

This year’s crop should be plentiful.  We’re planting sweet white corn, cherry tomatoes, beef steak tomatoes, Thai red dragon peppers, jalepeno peppers, green onions, white onions, cilantro, green beans, strawberries, sugar baby watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers,  4 kinds of lettuce, limes and blackberries and raspberries.

What will you be growing in your garden?  Got any good tips?  Feel free to share them.

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8 thoughts on “G is for Gardening – I’m Planting My Garden, What About You?

  1. Wow it sounds like all of you are experiencing the same thing I am. It seems like it’s taking a long time for the season to change. I for one, am excited for it to hurry up and happen. I’ve got strawberry plants to move!

  2. I planted tomato and bell pepper seeds last week and had to replant today because our Baby Cat decided to knock off the cardboard egg box I was using as a seedling sprouter and played with the dirt across the kitchen. It’s still a bit cool at night here, but I’m going to use containers and hope to be able to transplant the seedlings once they sprout and get healthy (if Baby Cat leaves them alone this time!)

  3. I plant flowers. Right now I have spring fever, but the spring weather comes a day, and then goes for a week! Just waiting!

  4. I’m just waiting for the weather to stay consistent. I never know whether it’s gonna be 40 degrees outside or 80.

  5. I planted a few tomato seeds the other day but they haven’t germinated yet. I’ll start a few cukes shortly, and then I’ve got to figure out where I’m going to put it all once ready for outside.

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