H is for Houses – Design Your Own – Build Your Own. Who Does That?

My husband and I have discussed many times what we want to do with our house once the kids all leave home.   It’s kind of strange that it has been happening for the last few years but it has.  We’re getting close to the day that we are the only 2 living in this house.  We have one kid left at home for only 2 more years and then that’s it.  We’ll be like cotton drifting on the breeze, two pieces of lint floating in the air, looking for a good spot to land.  The house will be too big then. We’ll need to move.

So we’ve decided that after they leave we will sell our home and get something considerably smaller.  Like a 1 bedroom cottage with his and her office suites, 1 bathroom and a nice bright and well lit living room.  Not a necessarily large kitchen but not just a galleyway either.  I need a little bit of space to move around.

I don’t know what made my husband think about it today but he started emailing me pictures of these cute, little, oddly-built homes.  Then he informs me that he’s going to design our home and build it.  I love that he wants to do that.  We are both very creative people so I know he’ll come up with something cool.  In the meantime I went in search of pics of weird little homes myself and what I found made me snickadifferous.  (Snickadiferous is the new word I made up today.  It means to laugh or giggle or snicker or a combination of the three which usually sounds something like a choking slash snorting ground squirel.   I needed to use snickadifferous in a sentence. Check that off my to-do list.)

Check out these funny little homes.  I’m inspired!





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