Posts, Posts and more Posts!

I haven’t abandoned this poor blog. I have many posts to make and I promise I will. Right now I’m working on one of my other websites and as soon as I’m done I’ll get my bootie over here and make those posts.

One of my first posts will be the latest edition of my Blog Carnival. So many of you have submitted posts and I really appreciate it.

If anyone has recipes they’d like to submit give me a shout and I’ll post them for you.

I’m also on the lookout for good quality links so if you have blog you think I might like let me know. If I like it alot I’ll put it in my blog roll.

That’s it for now. Look for new posts in a few days. If you haven’t already subscribed, hop to it so you’ll know when those posts come in.

Oh and yeah I will get that merry christmas header changed.

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