R is for Round Up

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R is an easy letter to post about.  It’s so easy I feel guilty for cheating this way but hey I’m a busy woman!  Today’s R post is a round up of some of my favorite articles – ones I’ve written.  If you’ve not gotten the chance to read some of my other stuff then here’s your chance to see me in a new light.

How to Potty Train your Child Using an Alarm Clock
Trash Bag Dress Project Comes to An End
Frightening Pizza Hut Pizza Delivery Order
Invasion of Maggots in my Kitchen
20 Practical Uses for Pringles Cans
How to Get Rid of Garden Snails
Adobe Photoshop Pixie Dust Tutorial
DIY Plastic Water Bottle Patio Lights
DIY: Recycled Soda Pop Pull Tab Bracelet
5 Bathroom Accessories I Could Do Without
10 Things You Shouldn’t Do in a Janitorial Closet
How to Make a Mohawk into Liberty Spikes: Hairstyle Tips for Teens
10 Things You Should Never Lick
How You Can Avoid Pooping Your Pants
The Best Ways to Eat a Poptart

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  1. Dayna and Mike – John ~ we cannot thank you engouh for the AMAZING job you did at photographing our special day! You made it happen too! We are so greatful to you and the moments that you captured! We now have a lifetime of memories and photos that show our love for each other. Thank you so much!October 7, 2009 2:30 pm

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