My Daughter’s Boyfriend

handsOh my!  It has finally happened.  My daughter has a boyfriend.  Not just someone she blushes about but a serious-we-are-dating kind of boyfriend.  I’m at a loss for words when it comes to articulating what goes on in my head in regards to Mr. Loverboy.

I have 3 daughters and a son and 3 of them snuck around.  I knew it was going on but they did it anyway.  My youngest one however has done things a little differently.  She’s been much more traditional in her approach to dating.  She ever so softly mentioned the boy and then brought him home to meet us.

Part of me recognizes that she’s trying to be a good daughter and to do the right thing and I admire her for that but the other part of me screams, “WTF!  No!  Absolutely Fucking Not!  You are going to college!  You are not going to get knocked up!  No way in hell are you having a boyfriend!  Not until after college.  Stick to the plan, Acacia!  The plan!”

My daughter’s boyfriend is a nice young man.  He’s been respectful towards her and us.  He’s been occupying part of my couch lately which makes me nervous.    Then I remember that they have been honest, truthful and up front about their relationship.  That’s hard, I know, I did it differently in my life.

Some people might think I hold on to my daughter too tight and maybe so but she  not only has ability and drive to do better than average in life she has earned it.  She has always worked very hard in school but she also made a very bad choice once.  Oh the woes of being the parent of an in-love teen.   What ever am I to do?  How are you handing your daughter’s boyfriend?

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