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Did you know that ink pens should be stored vertically, cap down?  The reason being that over time the ink inside the barrel thickens and dries up from the outside in.  You’ll get more usage from your pens by not letting them lay horizontally on table tops, desks and counters.  Every once in while it’s a good idea to take them out and give them a good shake so the ink doesn’t have time to dry up.  Specialty markers, fabric pens, paint pens and scrapbooking pens, etc last twice as long when they are stored properly.

Pencil cups are pretty cool.  I’m using an old Glade candle jar.  What are you using?

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6 thoughts on “I is for Ink Pen Storage

  1. I’m a 31 year old cermudgen and lutidde so by default I don’t like new things. Most if these sound gimmicky to me. Give me the standard black .7mm G2 refill any day.As long as they don’t screw with their standard G2 pen or refill and as long as they keep putting out Pilot Dr. Grip Gels, I won’t complain.I have this horrible fear that one day I am going to find out they don’t make G2s or Moleskines anymore. I already stocked up on about 50 moleskines but I don’t know how long good ink like the G2 will last.I’m glad to see Pilot progressing but don’t mess with the G2.

  2. Thanks Holly!

    Marie Anne, at least you were at home. lol That would have been embarrassing in public.

  3. I keep mine in a plastic pencil cup on a shelf here on my desk. The other day I went into the bathroom and realized I had gobs of ink all over my face. Apparently an ink pen had leaked into the pencil cup and when I used my highlighter earlier, it had transferred to my hands. Every time I scratched my nose or pushed my hair from my forehead I left ink on my face.

    It wasn’t pretty.

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