I think I’m a Food Snob.


I’m nutritiously prejudiced. Wow, what a thought. The interesting thing is that we all are. Each and every one of us judge our food based on several criteria; smell, look, texture, color, size and origin to name a few. For example, when I catch a whiff of a big fat slab of pork I all but hurl. I hate the smell of pork. But I love bacon. I could eat a pound of bacon three times a day for 365 days a year. And I like ham fairly well. Just don’t make me smell it.

I couldn’t eat rice until I was in my mid-twenties because it looked like maggots. Ground beef just grosses me the hell out. It never frickin’ fails that I will spot some of the unidentifiable white matter that shows up in the frying pan. No matter how much I try not to think about what I saw in that skillet, as soon as I bite into something crunchy I instantly see white matter. I’m convinced its bits of bone. That makes my stomach heave. As long as I can disguise the ground beef so that I can’t see it I can usually eat it but if I spot it or crunch on it, that’s it. Its finito – I am no longer interested in eating it. My appetite flees.

The one thing those foods have in common is that I do eat them now. I might pass judgment on them but I do consume their delicious goodness. Other foods aren’t so lucky. There are certain foods that no matter what I snobbishly turn my nose up at and refuse to eat. Foods like octopus, rabbit and meal worms. I am prejudiced by what I think those foods will smell like, taste like, feel like in my mouth and because of that I won’t touch them.

What about you? Do you think you’re a food snob? Are you willing to eat anything that comes your way or are you like me and are restricted from auditioning for Fear Factor because they always make contestants eat things that you know you won’t eat no matter how much money they offer you?

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