3 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Convertible


I bought a convertible but you probably saw that in one of my other posts.  I’ve learned a lot about owning a convertible in the last few months.  There are things I didn’t think about before I bought my car; things I wish someone would have mentioned.  Things like “you’re daughter might get pooped on by a bird while you are at a stop light.”  Ewww!  Right?  True story, that did happen – to my youngest daughter.  LOL  I didn’t find out about it until we got home and she went straight to the bathroom.  When she came out her head was wet and I questioned, “what happened to your head, kid?”  She laughed and blushed and said, “A bird pooped on my head.”  We both erupted into silly stupid laughter but it was me that had to go out and inspect the car for unforseen bird turd.  I thought that since I didn’t think of these things then other people might not think of these things so I wrote this quick read-along for you.

3 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Convertible

The Top – Hard vs Soft

While this might seem like a question of personal preference I can tell you it is more than that.  A soft top is stored on the car.  It is connected to the car and simply folds back to expose the interior cabin of the car while a hard top has to be physically stored somewhere when it is not in use.  Unlike a soft top, a hard top doesn’t fold back so it can take up a good amount of space if you don’t store it correctly.  There are available tools to help you store your convertible hard top but like anything else those are going to run you some money.  Hoists and pulley systems have to be installed and if you sit the top on the floor of the garage then you won’t be able to park the car in the garage.

When you’re thinking about whether to buy a hard top or a soft top, stop to consider that a soft top is a magnet to vandals and thieves.  Convertibles are attractive anyway but a soft top has the added potential of being stabbed which means higher insurance rates.

One more thing about the top; there’s this whole thing about carefree convenience when It comes to owning a convertible and if there’s one plus to owning a soft top its that if you suddenly decide you want to roll through town topless, you can easily do so whereas with a hard top you have to decide this before you leave home and should an impromptu rain shower strike while you are rolling through town with the top on the garage floor then you are going to get wet.  A weather app for your phone is a must have for convertible owners!

Exposure – The Wind in Your Hair

Ah yes, the reason every convertible owner gives as to why they bought the car; to feel the wind in their hair.  The first time I experienced this feeling I had second thoughts about having a convertible.  That’s a whole lot of air coming at you from all directions.  It’s loud,  it dries out your eyeballs and whips your hair into a rat’s nest in a matter of seconds.  It can be an acquired taste. I recommend that before you buy a convertible test drive one more than a couple of times to see if you can get accustomed to the feeling of driving around without a roof.  There are a few tips and tricks to minimizing the wind but let’s face it;  you are out in the open traveling at a high rate of speed – what do you think its going to be like?    If you are a woman or are in a relationship with a woman that will either ride or drive the convertible then she must know that with the top down the hair goes up.

One last word on being exposed and that is you are going to want sunblock.  For those of us that don’t tan the sunblock will help minimize the amount the sunburn you are going to get and for those that turn into golden brown beach bunnies – shut up!  I mean seriously, shut up, stop rubbing it in, some of us just turn into lobsters.  Also,  being out under the stars on a warm summer night is amazing.

To Cover or Not to Cover

When you own a convertible you have to think about covering it up when there’s no roof to keep leaves from being blown inside or to keep birds from pooping on the seats.  If it’s hot outside then the upholstery is going to be hot and you are going to get burned when you sit on it.  Covers can be found for about $25 and they are UV protective and somewhat water resistant.  They also keep leaves and poop from landing inside the cabin but they do not keep cats from climbing up inside the car.

Boy!  Having a roof is so convenient!  Yes it is.  Know this right now; having a convertible takes work; especially if you don’t have a garage.  When I bought my convertible I kept telling myself there’s a learning curve to having a car with no top and there is; the learning curve comes from taking the simple things for granted.  Of course there’s more to owning a car like this but for starters these are a few of the things I never thought about before I bought my convertible.  I strongly encourage you to talk to the owners of other convertibles and go for rides in them so that when you buy one you know exactly what you are in for.  Otherwise get off the computer and go outside, enjoy going topless.

Oh and Zoon Zoom.

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