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Do you want to know how to earn money working from home?  You probably found this blog post after seeing an advertisement that asked you that very question.  Working from home is a popular search term especially with the job market the way it is right now.  I am always looking for way ways to earn cash online and I have successfully found a few.  When I do find a legitimate source of work on  the internet I post about it.

bubblewsIf you’re looking to make some extra money being a stay at home mom/dad working at home on the internet you may have heard about a web site called Bubblews.   It is very reminiscent of when Cha Cha first opened up offering quick cash to those that got in on the ground floor.  There is money to be had but it is not as it first appears.

Right off the bat, the answer to the question “Can I make $100 a day on”  is no.  How about in the long term?  It is absolutely possible.

I have a group of friends who have been testing out the platform and have been succeeding so I thought I would toss my hat in the ring and check it out.  I issued myself a personal challenge to see if I could make $100 a day.  With family and friends cheering me on I came up with a battle plan and the next morning I started my challenge with the intention of working one full 8 hour shift.  Here’s how it went.

Bubblews has a cap of 10 posts per day but there is no cap on liking, disliking, commenting and connecting so I worked out a schedule of what times of the day I would post and how much time I would spend on the social aspects.

My plan for the social aspect was to click on the posts of 10 other people and open all 10 in my browser at once.  I quickly read each post and then went back and liked each of the posts.  Then I facebooked them, then g+ and then twitter and so on until I had done all the social activity I could for each of those 10 posts.  Then I went back and connected with each of those posters and commented on their profile page.  Often times I would peruse their profiles for interesting posts and read a couple.  I limited myself to 3 posts per person so  I could reach more people.  Once I had all 10 I closed those browser windows and started another 10.  When my schedule called for me to post I stopped the social activity and posted real quick then went back to my social routine.  Yes it did get boring and yes at times I wanted to just say forget about it.  But I didn’t.

I need to mention one quick thing I learned about the facebook feature on Bubblews.  The Facebook like reccomendation button doesn’t post to your newsfeed.  It will only show up on your timeline.  I used the facebook button on the bubblews site to get credit for the activity but posts I really wanted to share, I copied and pasted the url directly into facebook status update box and shared it that way.

All in all this is what my schedule looked like.  When I completed each task I crossed it off.  My copy is handwritten on notebook paper.

8 – 8:30 a.m. – Post 1

8:30-9 –socialize

9 – 9:30 – Post 2

9:30 – 10 – Post 3

10 – 10:10:30 – socialize

10:30 – 11 – Post 4

11 – 11:30 – Post 5

11:30 – 12 – Lunch

12 – 12:30 – Post 6

12:30 – 1:30 – socialize

1:30 – 2 – Post 7

2 – 2:30 – socialize

2:30 – 3 – Post 8

3 – 3:30 – socialize

3:30 – 4 – Post 9

4 – 4:30 – Post 10

4:30 – 5  – Socialize.

Now not only did I have a schedule to follow  but I had also created the titles of all 10 of my posts the night before so when it came time to post all I had to do was quickly write up the posts and go about my business.

Here’s how I did money-wise.  I started my challenge with $6.20 already in The Bank at 8 a.m.  By 11:36 I checked in with The Bank and I had racked up a little money, my total was now $8.89.  woohoo!  Throughout the day I checked in with The Bank and it didn’t take long to realize that it was going to be very difficult to earn $100 in a day.  I just don’t have the connections to get the page views to make that kind of money but I kept plugging for the sake of the challenge.

At the end of the day The Bank was at $11.71.   That comes to a grand total of $5.51 at .68 cents an hour. Shocking isn’t it?    I checked in a couple of times later that evening and when I went to bed The Bank was at $13.34 without activity from me so I “earned” an extra $1.63 without doing anything more.  Keep in mind that my experiment was based on one day of activity and I have not taken the time to build connections and gather readers.

So can you make $100 a day with  If you have spent a few months making connections, posting and hobknobbing then yes eventually you CAN build up enough of a following to earn that kind of money but when you first start out just know that you are going to put in full time hours but you will be chasing pennies.  Literally chasing pennies.  If you don’t have pennies coming in from another source then by all means this can be a way for someone new to freelancing to get their feet wet and earn a few dollars.

The real “trick” –  if you want to call it that – is social activity.  Its kind of a popularity contest only you don’t really have to get to know all those people.  Chances are a large portion of the people you connect with will never actually read your post.  Its a job.  You develop a routine for clicking all the buttons, making comments and getting out of there.  The more people you connect with, participate with and interact with the more money you will make.   In the old days, before the internet, (Gasp!  Shut the door!  Before the internet? Pshaw!) we would have called something like Bubblews a pyramid scheme.  It still is really, it’s just that this is how internet pyramid schemes work.  You promote,  particpate, encourage others to do the same and all the while this activity earns you cash.

If you are interesting in giving a try click on the following link to sign up and get started.  Don’t forget to read the How it works page and get familiar with the terms.

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One thought on “Can I Make $100 A Day at

  1. I’m new to Bubblews and am discovering the same thing that you did. Possible one day, we’ll be able to earn a real income. That’s just not going to happen early on.

    It helps to remind myself that bigger bucks are coming later on if I work it right.

    Best of luck to you. Hopefully Bubblews will be profitable for us both.

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