An Empty Nest Means I Have Socks!


If you’re a parent then you know that nothing is sacred and that whatever belongs to you will surely be found in your child’s room or possession at some point.  As a mom that most often means you will find your clothes laying on the floor of your daughter’s bedroom and that includes socks.

Ever since my girl’s feet got to be close enough to that same size as mine they started stealing my socks.  I haven’t had my own socks to myself in over 12 years.  Forget having a pair that matches.  I mean look at this pic of my feet.  These are the socks I’m currently wearing because I can assure you that my youngest is wearing the mates to both of these or they are buried in her drawers somewhere.


In 4 months my youngest leaves for college.  She’ll be living there, in the dorms.  I WILL HAVE MY OWN SOCKS!  You have no idea how exciting that thought is. LOL Celebrate that empty nest!

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