Sharing My New Art Gallery, Tootin’ my own horn as it were.


I’ve been yakking it up about art lately.  Just outright talking smack so I’m putting my money where my mouth is and posting a gallery of my art work.  I dug out the CDs (gasp! I know!  Who has anything on CD anymore, right?!) Well I still do.  I have stacks and stacks of them.  If i wanted to I bet I could make a scale model of a small city with all the stacks of CDs I’ve collected.  It’s just a passing thought; anyhow, I rooted out a ton of old artwork, (I didn’t realize how much of it I have actually created.  What a pleasant surprise.) and uploaded it into 2 galleries.   Check it out.

I separated my artwork into galleries.  For now there’s only 2 categories for now.  Enjoy.

This is a collection of my artwork.  It spans several years and you can see how my art has changed and grown with time and practice.  { Click here to Enter the Gallery}

This is a collection of various webpage graphics, webpage layouts, magazine pages,  banners, logos, badges  and such that I’ve put together over the span of time on the internet.  There’s hundreds of graphics out there that I can’t find and have lost so this is a fairly small sampling.  They are fun though to look back through.  {Click here to Enter the Gallery }

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