Dazzle – The Shoe Club that Managed to Make Me a Customer

Shoe Dazzle – it certainly has the potential to dazzle.  From one self-proclaimed shoe fanatic to another this could be big trouble!  Sweet temptation thy name is Shoes.  More than just some boring old wine of the month subscription, Shoe Dazzle promises to make my heart sing by delivering a brand new pair of smoking hot shoes right to my front door each and every month.   All I have to do is to continue to dole out thirty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents each and every month.

Could this be too good to be true?  Have you seen the shoes at Shoe Dazzle?  Forty bucks a month doesn’t sound too bad.  But then again forty bucks a month for a whole year is $479 and forty cents!  Holy Batman that’s a lot of money for shoes!  Oh my, can you imagine?  Imagine the shoes!  Pretty pretty shoes.

I like that every month there are different shoes to chose from and if I don’t want to chose any of them I don’t have to.  All i have to do is a skip a month of membership and I don’t even get charged.  If I don’t do anything with the account at all I’ll get charged and have a credit for a pair of shoes.  Yay me, I win either way.

Do you see where for someone with an affinity for shoes this could easily become a problem?  I do.  I am so extremely tempted to give this service a try.  The fact that I can cancel the membership makes it nearly impossible to resist handing over my credit card.  But then there’s this whole thing where I have to try to hide the incoming shoes and the hubby might intercept the package and tempers are tampered with.  Not my favorite scenario.

If there’s one little thing that could keep me from joining Shoe Dazzle it would be that Discount Women’s Dress Shoes has better prices and a wider variety of styles.  Plus I’ve purchased from them before and I know what kind of quality their shoes are.  In fact, I have found the same shoe at Shoe Dazzle posted on Discount Women’s Dress Shoes website for $20.  That’s half the cost of Shoe Dazzle.  Instead of spending $479 a year I could spend $240 a year.   That’s definitely something to think about.

All I can say is those damn shoes better be every bit as comfortable as they are pretty if I’m going to go through all this trouble.  I guess we’ll all have to wait until the holidays are over and I can spare to sneak in a pair or two of shoes to find out.  I plan on buying a new pair from Shoe Dazzle, not only because their shoes make me drool but also because I am curious to see whether their shoes are worth $479 a year.  Whatever happens I’ll be sure to post my findings here.  Set your bookmarks and check back often for that update.  Until then CHECK OUT THESE SHOES!


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