B is for Babies, Booties and Bows

I have an order for a pair of baby shoes with matching rhumba panties, socks and two hair bows.  At first when the customer brought me the baby shoes I thought it would be simple to find matching ribbon but I soon discovered that the print I thought to be leopard is actually cheetah.

And it’s not just any old cheetah print.  I’ve bought more cheetah print than any other print – ever.  Everytime I find a spool of ribbon that I think matches, it ends up being a completely different print.  I finally had to come to terms with the idea that I may not find the exact same print as that on the shoes.

Once I accepted this I got into a groove and these are the rhumba panties and baby shoes thus far.  Tomorrow I”ll be finishing the hair bows and socks. I still have my sewing pins holding everything together so ignore the pins in the photo.   I’ll be sure to post new photos as soon as I’m done.  Right now, I’m pretty darn pleased with the rhumba panties and shoes. This baby’s booty is gonna be SO cute!

Cheetah print baby shoes.

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