How to Travel with A Vibrator & other Sex Toys

coupleThe Proper Way to Take a Vibrator on a Plane

Traveling with sex toys, vibrators in particular, has the potential to turn from greatly anticipated vacation to sexually humiliating nightmare rather quickly. Airport security is working more diligently to find strange, possibly dangerous, items in passenger’s luggage these days. Here’s the right way to travel with your favorite sex toy.

Packing sex toys and vibrators

You should never just toss your toys into your suitcase. Each toy should be packed with precision. There are two kinds of packing materials to take into consideration.

  1. A cloth bag. Any soft, clean cloth bag will do. You can even use those purple drawstring bags that Crown Royal Whiskey comes in. A cloth bag will protect your vibrator from getting travel grime on it as well as keep any existing cords from getting tangled in your personal items.

Note about ordinary cloth bags. These will not keep your vibrators from showing up on the x-ray machine.

  1. Cleverly disguised sex toys. You can purchase vibrators that look like ordinary hair brushes, a tube of lipstick or even a sports massager. Typically security sees these things and pays them no attention.

Where to pack a vibrator

First of all never pack your vibrator in your carry on luggage unless you have no other choice and I can’t image a scenario where you will be tortured and shot if you don’t bring it.

If your trip is so short that you don’t have any luggage to check in then check in your carry on and only carry on what you can put in your pockets.

In other words don’t ever carry on a vibrator or sex toy, always check them in. When you go through security checks at the airport, your carry on bag, shoes and anything in your pockets have to be put in small bins and passed through an x-ray machines. Some toys have the potential to look like weapons as they are x-rayed.

Any questionable items that pass through the machine are alerted to security officials who will pull you aside and examine every item you brought with you. This may mean your vibrator will be on public display and if it is a really strange sex toy you may have to explain what it is and what you are doing with it.

You also stand the chance of being singled out for a random search. If this happens the last thing you want to have found is your vibrator.

When you pack your vibrator, put it in the soft cloth bag and lay it gently between folded layers of clothes for protection or in a discreet pocket intended to protect items.

What about personal lubricant?

Personal lubricant is allowed in both carry on bag and checked in bags. If you chose to pack it in your carry on bag it must be less than 3 ounces stored in a quart size zip lock baggie. Anything larger than 3 ounces will be tossed out. The best way to carry on personal lubricant is in sample sizes.

Personal lubricant packed in checked baggage can be carried in larger sizes. You will want to pack them in plastic zip lock bags to avoid any spills or explosions that may be caused during altitude changes.

General vibrator travel tips

Never leave batteries in your vibrator when you pack them. Strange buzzing noises coming from your luggage will most definitely cause you to be pulled off a plane to explain. Always pack newly bought fresh batteries in a separate place other than in your sex toy.

Choose your toys carefully. Do not attempt to bring toys with you that look like weapons such as whips and ropes. Leave the hardcore bondage gear at home and make do with ordinary toys. Nothing screams terrorist to a straight-laced security guard like bondage gear.

Anal plugs can sometimes resemble short knives when x-rayed. Watch where you put those things.

If you are a part of the mile high club remember to bring along some individually wrapped moist wipes for cleaning both yourself and your toys.

Never tell security that your toy is a bomb, looks like a bomb, smells like a bomb, is THE bomb or make any other references to bomb. What do you think will happen?

Sex toys can make an already fantastic voyage even more fantastic and business trips no longer need to be dull when you bring along your favorite vibrator. You should have no problems if you follow the simple steps outlined in this article. Happy travels and stay safe when you fly the friendly skies.

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